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Only pay for what you need on the day! 
Ever notice how party plates come in packs of 8 but napkins come in packs of 10? Wouldn't it be great to just pay for what you actually need? That's what we thought, so let's do that. Just let us know what you'd like and we'll bring enough for everyone, the best part is, we'll only charge you for what you actually use on the day. No waste, No hassle.


Party Bag

Swizzels Mini Chew 

Haribo Super Mix 16g packet

Themed bag

Spinning top

Ping pong ball

Disc shooter


Dog tag keychain

Mini hand clapper

Mario Party Bag
£2.50 each



Table decorations for 10 to 20 Guests
No thanks, I'll arrange my own
No thanks, I'll arrange my own


Snack Pack

Classic Snack Pack
£2 each
Healthy Snack Pack
£2.50 each
No thanks, I'll arrange my own

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