Who says gaming isn't for girls?


Pop Up Arcade is a fully equipped, fully customisable gaming set up that comes to you. We can set up just about anywhere, living room, garage or town hall, as long as there’s a power point near by, we’ll make it work. We’ve got all the latest games and gaming equipment.


  • Into the latest gaming tech? We’ve got the Oculus Rift and Samsung VR Gear as well as the latest generations gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

  • We’ve got you covered with the latest in motion and music games. Rock Band 4, Singstar and Just Dance. Everything you need to become a Pop Star.


  • Like driving? Whether it's slipping on bananas in Mario Kart or drifting round corners in our custom seats, be part of our head to head racing experience.

  • Compete against or play together with your friends in the latest offering from Nintendo, 1 - 2 Switch!

  • Love Minecraft? Wanna play it in virtual reality or on a massive screen with all your mates? We’ve got you covered there as well.


  • Or have a bit of everything, it’s entirely up to you.






Pop Up Arcade is a super easy for the parents and great fun for the kids.


We can set up anywhere and I mean anywhere!  


  • Front room

  • Kitchen

  • Town hall

  • Or spread over a couple of rooms

  • We can even set up in the back garden with our Pop Up Gaming Tent.


It doesn’t matter as long as there’s a power point nearby we’ll make it work.


Our friendly games hosts will be there the whole time to run the party and make sure evey one gets the most out of the Pop Up Arcade experience.




Pop Up Arcade's Gaming Tent










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Pop Up Arcade's Gaming Tent