£199 for 10 Guests, £229 for 15 Guests, 269 for 20 guests - Set up in any living room, hall or back gardenMinecraft, FIFA 22, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, Fortnite & Virtual Reality

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The UK's Top Rated Gaming Birthday Party!!

With Pop Up Arcade you get an incredible birthday party that's great fun for the kids, super easy for you and costs less than you'd think. So it's not hard to see why we're the UK's Number One Rate Gaming Party!

It takes less than a minute!


  • £199 for 10 guests, £229 for 15 guests or 269 for 20 guests 

  • ⛺️🏡 Set up in any Living Room, Local Hall or Back Garden in our Heated All-Weather Pop Up Gaming Tent

  • ⏲ 90 Minutes Gaming Time 

  • 20% off Monday to Friday with code "WEEK20"

  • 🦸‍♂️ Games Master to run the party and make sure everyone has a great time

  • 🎮 All the latest consoles, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Wii U and Virtual Reality Headsets

  • All their favourite games like Minecraft, FIFA 22, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, Goat Sim, Fortnite and over 100 other games available on request.

  • We only ask for a £50 deposit to secure your booking (fully refundable up until 7 days before the event) the remaining balance won't be charged until after the event.

  • We cover London and 45min outside the M25. (Get in touch if you’re a little further out and we’ll see if we can still help)

It takes less than a minute!

See what it's like inside one of our Gaming Tents!

It takes less than a minute!

Our Gaming Equipment

Oculus VR

Experience the latest in, top of the line, interactive VR Gaming

Light Up X-Rocker

Gaming Chair

RGB light up gaming chair to make the birthday boy or girl feel really special

PlayStation 5

Next Generation of PlayStation Gaming with amazing graphics and adaptive controllers

Star Wars AR

Deflect laser blasts or dual with Darth Vader right in your living room

Head to Head Racing

Racing Seats.jpeg

Complete with Two racing chairs and a 60-inch Projector Screen

Mario Kart Live - Coming Soon!

Bring Mario Kart into the real world and experience it like never before

It takes less than a minute!

The Pop Up Arcade Foundation

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The Pop Up Arcade Foundation is a Staff lead initiative that's all about sharing our love of gaming with young people who've been through a rough time. We've been honoured to work with amazing partners like Make-A-Wish UK, Goerge and the Gaint Pledge and the National Autism Society. If you'd like us run a free gaming event for a group of deserving young people you know, please get in touch through our Foundation Page 



We cover London and 45min outside the M25. (Get in touch if you’re a little further out and we’ll see if we can still help)


We have PS4's, Xbox One's, Wii U's and Nintendo Switches and a great range of the latest games for the kids to play.


Thanks to some really cool tech, we can then link all the screens together so anyone can play any game on any console with any of their friends without needing to leave their move about or touch any controller but their own

We're also able to have up to 7 people all playing Fortnite at one time.


Our All-Weather Heated Tents are designed to keep everyone dry and warm even in the worst of weather. The tents large and well-ventilated so all there is plenty of room for social distance and plenty of fresh air moving throughout.


We typically need about 4mx7m of space but can have options for smaller spaces. We have long extension leads so we can be up to 50m from the house.


We can set up inside the house or outside in our Gaming Tents

It takes less than a minute!