£189 for 8 Guest, £229 for 12 Guests

With everything being a little crazy in the world at the moment, we just want to get back a little "normal", if only a bit, and even if it’s a little different, what could be more normal than celebrating your birthday by having a couple of mates round to play games?

£189 for 8 guests, £229 for 12 guests for 1.5hours gaming time

Games Master to run the party and make sure everyone has a great time

Set up outside under waterproof Gazebo

All the latest consoles, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Wii U and Virtual Reality Headsets

All their favourite games like Minecraft, FIFA 20, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, Goat Sim & Fortnite (on request)

We only ask for a £50 deposit to secure your booking (fully refundable up until 7 days before the event) the remaining balance won't be charged until after the event.

We cover London and 45min outside the M25.

(Get in touch if you’re a little further out and we’ll see if we can still help)

We can set up on any surface!





We create clearly marked and colour coded gaming zones that keep each guest a safe 1m apart.


We have PS4's, Xbox One's, Wii U's and Nintendo Switches and a great range of the latest games for the kids to play.


Thanks to some really cool tech, we can then link all the screens together so anyone can play any game on any console with any of their friends without needing to leave their zone or touch any controller but their own and we'll have no more than two kids sharing one of our big 1080p gaming screens so they'll have plenty of space.

Since we need to be outside we would run all of this under a waterproof gazebo.

We're also able to have up to 7 people all playing Fortnite at one time.


As an organisation we are able to run larger events than the 6 people you would normally be allowed privately provided that we run the event following the COVID-19 Secure Guidelines. See below for more info on all the safety measures we'll be taking.

We're currently offering parties for 8,12 or 20 guests.


We're running our new parties in an awesome outside set up using 3m x 3m gazebos that fit 6 to 8 kids each. The space we need is:

Our 8 kids party needs 3m x 3m of outside space

Our 12 kids party needs 6m x 3m of outside space

Our 20 kids party needs 9m x 3m or three lots of 3m x 3m of space

6 screen set up, linked up screen so they can play with their friends without needing to move around.


Safety is our top priority and we’re taking every measure to make sure that we’re within all the guidelines:


  1. Our host will be wearing PPE (face shields and gloves) the whole time. 

  2. We will be disinfecting all the equipment before the kids come anywhere near it

  3. We have clearly marked and coloured zones for each kid making sure they are a safe distance from each other and the host. 

  4. We’ve even developed a system that allows the host to access all the equipment while being safely away form the kids so they can fix any issues or help the kids with the games while staying at a safe 1m distance.

  5. We also have a well thought out system for getting the kids to and from their gaming zones while maintaining a safe distance.



Our gazebos are all water proof and have side coverings for when it rains.



If things change we’ll change with them. We want to give your guests the best possible experience we can with in the guidelines. As the regulations relax we will be constantly updating our experiences to make the most of those changes and we’ll let you know as soon as those options appear. 

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