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Gaming Equipment Hire



Like a lot of small business we’re a little quiet at the moment, so I’ve been taking advantage of the down time to spend more time with the family. Finding new things for my little boy to do is a challenge that I’m sure you can relate to. Luckily for me, I have a building full of gaming and home cinema equipment. We’ve been running family gaming tournaments and going to the cinema (by that I mean we rearrange the couch and set up a projector screen in the living room). If nothing else the extra screens stopped us all fighting over the TV. 


All this got me thinking, while we can’t exactly run our normal parties at the moment maybe we could serve in a different way by hiring out our equipment. We have some pretty cool stuff and it’s just sitting here.


We have:


  • 1080p short throw projectors with 60 or 80 inch pull up screens - Perfect for family movie nights

  • Xbox Ones, PS4s, Wii Us, Nintendo Switches and retro gaming boxes

  • 27” 1080p gaming monitors

  • Virtual Reality Headsets

  • Star Wars Augmented Reality headsets

  • We also have about 80 iPad minis (normally used at our Print It parties)


We were thinking about asking for:


  • £20 to £30 for a weeks hire

  • All dropped off at your door for a small fee (depending on location)

  • We’re also happy to provide remote tech support if you need it :)


We’re pretty flexible though and would be happy to talk about different options.


This is definitely something new for us but with everything that’s going on I just thought that if a little extra gaming equipment could make life in isolation a bit easier for my family maybe it could for yours as well.


Let me know what you think?

0800 321 3941


Let’s get through this together,



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