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£199 for 5 kids


Custom Gaming Station Set-Up


  • Virtual Gaming Challenge Party for 5 to 7 guest where each guest gets their own custom Gaming Station delivered to their house before the party

  • We’ll set up all the equipment and then host the party remotely over zoom

  • £199 for 5 Gaming Stations or £249 for 7 Gaming Stations

  • We cover the Greater London Area and 30mins outside the M25

  • The party runs for 2 hours​, plus the kids are welcome to use the equipment before and after the party while we're collecting and dropping of the other stations. Normally an hour or more of extra free playtime. 

  • We’re following all covid guidance and all equipment will be disinfected before and after set up. The host delivering the equipment will wear a mask the whole time.

  • We only ask for a £50 deposit with the balance not being due until after the party. Deposit is fully refundable up to 7 days before the party or if new Covid rules make it impossible to run the party.


🎮 What’s a Virtual Gaming Party?

A virtual gaming party is where we drop off and set up a cool gaming station for each of the guest at their homes. We then run a series of really cool gaming challenges that allow the kids to experience their favourite gaming in a whole new way and introduce them to new Indi games they’ve never seen before.


🎮 What’s included in the gaming station?

The stations come with a dual monitor set up, one for playing games on an Xbox One, and another connected to zoom so they can all hang out and see each other while playing. We’ll also throw in a comfy beanbag.


🎮 How does it work?

We’ll drop off and set up the equipment the morning of the party so it’s all ready for the party later that day.


During the party, the kids will complete a range of cool and different gaming challenges across a range of Indi and AAA games. They’ll experience their favourite games in a whole new way and discover a range of cool Indi games they’ve probably never seen before. The whole session goes for two hours and is run, virtually, by one of our Pop Up Arcade Games Masters.


After the party, we’ll come by and collect the equipment form you and your guests. Meanwhile, the kids are welcome to keep playing on the equipment, normally and extra hour or more of free gaming time.


🎮 How many guests can we have?

The party is designed for between 5 to 7 guests.


We have packages for 5 or 7 guests, who will each get their own Gaming Station Set-Ups delivered to their houses before the party


🎮 How much does it cost?

The starting package comes with full Gaming Station Set-Ups for all gets and costs £199 for 5 guests and £249 for 7 guests

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