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Tips you need to know before a Fifa gaming party

Competing against your friends can be very tense, so knowing the new features on Fifa 18 will give you a helping hand in becoming the champion of the party. With the biggest football tournament in full flow, there’s no better time to play Fifa.

Defending has improved

Defending on Fifa 18 has changed dramatically, holding down the rush button to try and intercept the ball has decreased in effectiveness. To perform perfect defending, the key is to hold down the tackle button for slightly longer than usual, this will use the ‘hard tackle’, which is halfway between a standing tackle and a slide. It’s about reading the game in advance and choosing the right moment to tackle. This requires more skill to succeed, so perfecting it will improve you as a player.

Another way to increase your chances of retaining the ball before the opposition gets to shoot is by changing the formation to 4-4-2 (2). However, you may be known as the ‘Sam Allardyce’ of the gaming party. The key to this formation is picking a team who have two holding midfielders over 6ft 2in, this will create less space between you are the defence not only making it harder for your opponent to slide the ball to their striker. You’ll also be blocking all of their long-range shots with their outstretched legs.

Shielding the Ball

A new feature that gives the strikers an advantage is the ability to shield the ball. Passing it to the striker and shielding the ball will make it virtually impossible for the defender to snatch the ball off them. Obviously, the better they are will be reliant upon strength and physicality, so there will be a huge difference between Raheem Sterling and Romelu Lukaku performing the move.

The move is simply done by holding LT/L2 when your players have possession. Fifa 18 gives you more control over the position of the players’ bodies. Furthermore, you can use this approach to body faint and weave to trick the defender to go the wrong way. Flick the analogue stick when LT/L2 is held down to perform this additional trick.

Pass and move

Like real life football, quick passing and 1-2s are vital for creating space and getting around the opposition. Therefore, this needs to be recreated in the virtual world. To start the move off, press LT/LT2, this will make the passer make a run off the ball, creating space to receive it. Depending on the run the attacker has made, you can either play the ball to feet or pass it in the air to the space he is running into. This trick will move the opposition’s defence higher up the pitch, creating space for passes to go behind. At the gaming party, try to pick a team with quick players to perform this effectively.

Here’s how to master penalties

If you get into the situation that one of your matches at the gaming party comes down to a tense penalty shootout, you’ll want to be a master of them. For Fifa penalties, practice definitely makes perfect. Our first advice is to use the trainer, by pressing the D-pad. This will give you a target, so when you shoot you will know exactly where the ball is going. Once you feel comfortable picking the power and direction, you can turn it off and try to recreate the same penalty without assistants.

Now you’ve mastered taking the PK’s, it’s time to practice saving them. A tip is to look at the direction of the takers head, it is possible to read where they are aiming from this.

Keep your controller hidden, to stop your opponents from looking when you’re taking one. Fifa gaming parties can become very competitive, so gamers will try anything to win!


Low Shot

If you want to learn how to win games comfortably you need to be able to take your chances, goals win games. There is no better feeling than stuffing your mate 5-0 at a gaming party. One of the most effective shots in Fifa 18 is the low shot. This can be done simply by tapping B/O a second time after shooting. The amount of power you’ve put on will affect your low shot, just don’t forget to press it twice or else the ball will find itself in the crowd.

Fake Shot

Pulling off the fake shot will give not only give you an advantage over the goalkeeper but also the defenders. You can use the shot by pressing O/B then X/A and any direction with the left stick. When you can see a defender is going to slide tackle, quickly use this to get an extra yard of space to run past them. Furthermore, it can be a great trick to give you an advantage in a 1 on 1 situation with the goalkeeper.

We hope that you have enjoyed these tricks and tips. Hopefully, you’ll be the winner of the Fifa gaming party and all your friends will be asking you for advice!

With the world cup in full swing, what better time to compete against your friends to see for once and for all who is the best! Not only do we have Fifa but we also have other competitive games and gaming equipment to make your party unforgettable. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08000 321 3941 or get in touch online.

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