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How to throw the best gamer birthday party

Listen up, mum and dad! Pop Up Arcade have put together a list on how to throw the best gamer birthday party for your kids, and we’ve definitely covered all of the bases…

Party food is essential

Gaming is hard work, especially when you’re competing against people online or even your friends in the same room. It engages your brain, turns visual and audio stimuli into hand-eye coordination on the controller, and it takes a lot of strategizing and quick thinking. This is all hungry work, so definitely feed the attendants of your gamer birthday party with snacks and drinks.

No mums and dads allowed!

Sorry parents, but you’re not allowed to this party. It’s just not cool, especially when all of your gamer attendees need to concentrate on the game at hand. Don’t worry, our master game hosts will monitor all of the proceedings and make sure everyone is getting along and having a good time, so you can relax in the next room.

Ask about our appropriate games

All of our games are age appropriate for children, so there won’t be any adult content or anything super violent, but you can still talk to us about this if you’d like! We have a games master who monitors the party and ‘hosts’ so you don’t have to, so we completely understand if you’d like to know what games we’re bringing, especially if there are younger siblings around.

Check you’ve got enough space

Some of our games are immersive and need a bit more space. Guitar Hero, Sing Star, Just Dance, and augmented VR games all need a bit more space because you’re performing or immersed in a whole different world! We’ll help you choose which space is best to set your party up in when you enquire with us about booking your gamer birthday party.

Girls and boys across Gravesend and Kent want a gamer birthday party, and we’re the number one provider. We’ll come to your home and host the best birthday party ever. Contact us today to find out more about Pop Up Arcade birthday parties


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