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Pop Up Arcade – The Perfect Minecraft Gaming Party

Everyone loves a game of Minecraft so why not make this the centre of your video game party by creating a Minecraft themed birthday event. You can pull off an epic gaming birthday party within a relatively short period of time with the help of Pop up Arcade. Without a doubt, this Minecraft gaming party will be the talk of the town.

Playing Minecraft – Pop Up Arcade

Pop up Arcade has thrown a number of successful gaming parties over the years. Kids nowadays love video games and playing with their friends, so for the ultimate birthday party, why not combine the two, and create an amazing video game party that your kids are bound to love.

When it comes to setting up the technical side of the day, Pop up Arcade has this covered, and will be sure to set up a fantastic gaming party on the big screen for all the enthusiastic party gamers to enjoy. We will bring the equipment with us and it can be set up wherever most convenient for you, as long as there is a power socket. We will set up your child’s very own kid’s arcade, where they can play Minecraft until their heart’s content.

Minecraft Food Theme

There are so many fun food variations you can do in line with the Minecraft theme that will not go unnoticed by your guest. What is also great is that most of the food is easily obtainable from local stores. The food allows you to be creative, designing each food into a Minecraft character. Some of the food inspiration could be simple items such as apples, cookies, carrots, melon etc. You could also use square pizzas and add extra toppings in the shape of different Minecraft characters. For the symbols that aren’t edible such as, the TNT boxes – you could use sweets wrapped in TNT wrappers and Raspberries for the little red stones. Having little quirks like these are easy to do and will make your gaming party extra special.

Minecraft is a great theme for creating an impressive gaming party cake which can be as simplistic or extravagant as you like.

Minecraft Decorations

Depending how much time you have to commit to the gaming party, will determine how elaborate you want to go with decorating. Minecraft is a theme that can be done quite easily, and on a cheaper budget due to the relatively simple graphics. One of the best things to do is search for Minecraft to try to replicate the characters using items you have in your home. Another idea would be to purchase green paper plates and plastic paper cups. On top of each of these, you could cut black squares and stick them on to replicate a Minecraft creeper face.

You might also decide to not to a Minecraft theme but more of a generic theme such as a replica of a games room. Creating a child very own kid’s arcade.

Minecraft party games

Pop up arcade are experts when it comes to gaming and has a fantastic group of fully trained Games Master on board to run the party and keep the children entertained. There are different video game party packages but most of the time; gaming time will last for 90 minutes. Once this is up, you may want to think of a few other ideas to keep the children entertained. One idea could be to create a Minecraft piñata, another could be to do the equivalent of a scavenger hunt to find various Minecraft related characters.

Contact Pop Up Arcade today

If this sounds like the perfect child’s gaming party, then please give us a call to find out more information. You can call us on 0800 321 3941 or email Alternatively, please fill out the contact form o if you are sold on the idea of a Minecraft gaming party then you can book directly online.

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