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Which should you choose: a pop-up gaming party or gaming party bus?

Gaming parties are super popular, and it’s no wonder! Entertainment for kids is becoming more and more digital, and the competitive nature and immersive qualities of gaming provide hours of fun. Minecraft lets you build and engineer, FIFA lets you compete, and VR games let you become a part of your own gaming reality and storyline. The horizons are endless, so which gaming party should you choose: a pop-up gaming party at your home, or a gaming party bus?

A gaming party bus might sound fun, but we’re a little sceptical... The buses are mostly dark inside and are lined by the screens, with not a lot of natural daylight filtering in. This makes them a little too dark, dingy, and straining on the eyes for us. No, we’d much prefer a pop-arcade gaming party in London and the surrounding areas!

Our pop-up gaming parties

Unlike a dark bus that may cause eye strain from the bright screens, we’ve got two different options that are much more easily ventilated and lit. Our pop-up gaming parties have two options: set up in your living room, or set up in our cool outdoor tents in your back garden. This offers plenty of opportunities for brightness and open space rather than being cooped up in a van.

We don’t ask you to provide us with anything except the space to set up, some plug sockets, and occasionally a WiFi connection, because we bring our own HD gaming screens and consoles so you don’t have to. We also provide some of the most exciting games currently available, including the ever-popular Fortnite.

We turn gaming into teamwork

With a lot of online games, you can feel stuck behind a screen and only talk to your friends through headsets. Well, we wanted to fix that. Our set-ups allow parties of up to 20 guests to work together as a team, play individually with the support of their friends and our staff, or compete against each other in the same room. Virtual and real-time fun is to be had by all, and we even turn single-player games like Fortnite into fun parties for up to 8 people.

Book your gaming birthday party in London today

Host the ultimate gaming birthday party for your birthday boy or girl with the Pop-Up Arcade! We make sure to create a fun and friendly atmosphere for your guests, and our team members are always on hand to help out and offer our best advice. Contact Us today or give us a call on 0800 3213941 to find out our availability and our different gaming party packages!

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