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Is a gaming party bus REALLY the best kids party idea?

So, there’s a lot of hype around gaming party buses at the moment. They’re like mini vans that, besides the front seats, have been gutted and then re-fitted with gaming consoles and seats for parties. This might be exciting because it’s new, but when you take a step back and consider everything involved, a gaming party bus sounds a little bit too stuffy... Is a gaming party bus REALLY the best children’s birthday party idea, or is a pop-up arcade gaming party at your home the better option?


We all know what children are like when they’re excited, fired up, or celebrating a victory on a game. There’s a lot of jumping, a lot of raised voices, and a lot of general action! A gaming party bus often sees your children sitting almost shoulder-to-shoulder, leaving no room to jump around in defeat or victory. Dare we say, it’s a little cramped! A pop-up arcade gaming party at your home is set up in a space like your living room, so there’s plenty of room for excited celebrations or appeals to the virtual FIFA referee.


Because of the lack of space, there’s a limitation on how dynamic the games can be in a party bus. Consoles might be fine, like Xbox parties or Fortnite parties, but games like the Nintendo Switch are somewhat stunted. Switch games allow you to play more movement and activity based games, taking the controllers and signalling with them by creating big arches with your arms – or whatever movements the games dictate. You can’t do these kinds of immersive gaming parties in the confines of a gaming party bus, but with Pop-Up Arcade based in Dartford, you definitely could.

Big, big games and multiple players

Another big gaming opportunity we have for your little party-goers is arcade style racing seats that run on a 60-inch projector screen, which is crazily exciting and immersive! Within a party bus, you won’t be able to provide the necessary room or scope to house all of this cool gear. Our projector screens can form the basis of large team games, because we can have as many as 8 players at once participating in a team-game on the screen. A gaming party bus provides for 2-player games or single player games, which doesn’t feel like much of a party, and large groups all involved at once and aiming for a common victory sounds like more fun!

At Pop-Up Arcade, we come to your space and set up your gaming parties in Dartford with our own consoles – all we need from you is the room and a power supply. Contact us today to find out more!

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