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Add a gaming station or gaming tent to your wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, wedding entertainment is often the most fun to research. Are there children attending your wedding, or over-grown children in the form of your hens or groomsmen? To add an extra layer of fun and somewhere to rest your tired dancing feet, why not consider a pop-up gaming tent...

Keep the children entertained

For children that are starting to get a bit sleepy after a long day, aren’t interested in dancing, or just want to hide from all of the adults and their (hopefully) mature conversations, a gaming tent at your wedding could be their safe haven. This is a great opportunity for them to meet other wedding guests’ children and even bond with cousins or family members they don’t see all too often. You can let your children play supervised by our friendly game master whilst you get a drink top-up, chat to guests, or pose for a photo op. This is also a great place to deposit your own over-grown children like your groomsmen and father of the bride!

For the fun of it...

Have you ever wanted to see what the older members of your family, like grandmothers and grandfathers, thought of racing games or Wii U and Nintendo Switch motion games? This is why a pop-up gaming tent is perfect for your wedding. Create fun family memories by challenging grandma to a car race, show grandpa what VR headsets are all about, and even take on the whole family with 8-player games screened on one of our massive projectors.

Something different and something for everyone

Gaming parties and pop-up gaming tents are super popular, but they’re something new on the market for party entertainment, especially at weddings. Your wedding could stand out amongst your peers and old school friends’ receptions, making yours unique. Also, not everyone is a confident dancer or wants to pose for silly photos in a photo booth full of props, so a gaming tent can make sure that everyone has something to enjoy while your wedding day stretches into your wedding evening.

Pop-Up Arcade Gaming Parties in Southend-on-Sea and London

Contact Pop-Up Arcade to arrange for a gaming tent or mini gaming party as part of your wedding entertainment. We operate all around London and the South East, so we can travel to your venue, set up, man the gaming tent, and pack away with no hassle. Contact Us today!


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